14 de octubre de 2008

IPhone comes to Spain

After be one of the most important phone in the world, the most famous Apple’s mobile phone can now be bought in Spain. Since 11th July, the first day you can buy it, the iPhone has been sold out. Telefónica, who has translated it to Spain, is really pleased with the iPhone’s success.

The iPhone has become an icon in this play, so Apple is going to launch it in 30 new countries like Malta, Brazil or Russia.

Although everybody wants to have one, it is only affordable for the people who spend more than 300 euros in a mobile phone. If you are one of this lucky people, you can enjoy of 8 or 16 GB of memory, bluetooth, wi-fi, assisted GPS, 2 megapixels’ camera, mp3 player and a 3.5-inch widescreen Multi-Touch display in a 133 grams’ machine.

In App Store you can find some applications to use in your iPhone and some of them are free.

But the other mobile phones companies want to have a role in this world and they have created other interesting options. LG, HTC and Nokia have quite good options, but everybody thinks, the new google’s phone will be the most competitive. The G1 will be sold from 22nd October in the USA and for a money of 179 dollars. It won’t arrive to Spain until the next year.

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