14 de octubre de 2008

The Big Bang failed

The LHC, a machine which was created to simulate the Big Bang’s theory, started to work on 10th September and is off now. It is a 27 kilometres tube and it is situated in the Alpes, between France and Switzerland. It has been the most expensive and one of the most important in the world, but after ten days, it has been removed. This machine had a escape of helium.

The LHC will not be ready until two months, but Scientifics says they will have to spend more time in the machine.

The European Organization of Nuclear Research has said, it has been a very difficult work for everybody who works there, and now are all of them very disappointed.

But there are some advantages too. A lot of people think that “The Big Bang” was not the beginning of the world, so they think God created it and it is a problem for the LHC.

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