16 de octubre de 2008

And they won again...

I can not believe it yet. When I was a child, it was not a lot of time ago, about 5 or 6 years, the spanish team could not play good football. People felt really excited when a world cup was starting, they hope Spain were going to be lucky and they would win, or, at least, our team would has a good place. But this dream world will be destroyed some days later.

Today it is totally different. Spanish footballers have discovered the ball's secret, they won the last Eurocope and they have not lost any match for a lot of time.

Yesterday, spanish people had an appointment in front of the TV to cheer their team. Our team won again but more than one person suffered with the Belgium's goal. Iniesta and Villa scored our two goals and they play a very good match. On the other hand, Fernando Torres, who was going to play an important match in a week, is injured.
In 2 years, the footballers will have another important championship, and I hope it will be as positive as that one.

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